De Vellis Servizi Globali

is a company that operates for forty years in the domestic and international removals and transport sector, through a complete, serious and efficient organization aimed at constantly improving their services.
Our seriousness and professionalism is also evident from the use of vehicles, innovative equipment, highly qualified personnel, who respond promptly to the various needs requested.

The purpose of our business is to offer a professionally qualified service suited to the specific needs of each customer. From the preparation to the operational phase, we dedicate our attention and availability to our customers to find always the most appropriate solution. The professionalism and passion we put into our work are two of the fundamental elements that allow us to fully satisfy the requests of a vast and differentiated clientele, which includes institutions, large companies and individuals. The trust that our customers have renewed in us over the years is a constant stimulus to expand our services and to measure ourselves with increasingly ambitious goals.

De Vellis Servizi Globali. We are in the moving industry for about 40 years and have acquired such experience that we know all needs of customers. We offer a highly professional service always due to a careful and rigorous selection of our employees. Our staff of movers carries out a training period of at least one year during which they learn all the processes of the move and the quality standards imposed by De Vellis Global Services (see the code of ethics and behavior). The company, only after having ascertained the high level of professionalism of the individual operator, decides to promote the same at the level of mover.

We consider this process a critical factor of success of our company because the work we carry out is very delicate, as all customers want in their private house highly qualified personnel with education and discretion. We can certainly confirm that our organization works to maintain this quality standard always at high levels. Our quality standard will be confirmed every day by our customers with numerous appreciations, compliments and letters of reference that make us proud of our employees.

As already mentioned, our movers are not improvised personnel but became after years of training and experience handed down for over 30 years by key figures of the company: Owner, Managers, Staff Responsibles in the removal field, Team leaders. The figure of the team leader is very important as he is the direct contact of the customer; he organizes on site the service to be carried out according to all the needs of the time and place. Our Company De Vellis depends a lot from the team leaders since they represent the image of the company outside. Suffice it to say that a team leader becomes such on average after five years of activity as a mover.