Corporate culture

We believe that a strong corporate culture constitutes a significant competitive advantage.

When I speak of the “culture” of De Vellis Servizi Globali S.r.l., I mean our lifestyle within the company and the values the company promotes.

Culture evolves through growth, acquisitions, globalization, and the simple passage of time. Change is healthy and can enhance and improve a culture, but only if everyone in the organization, from the newest hire in a department to the senior executives with many years of career, defends the core, the heart of the culture, the instinctive sense of “how things are done around here.”

In recent years, we have tripled the projects acquired, doubled the number of employees, and launched new strategic initiatives to continue growing our leadership and improving our business in the 21st century.

But one thing has not changed: the founding principles of our corporate culture, based on the belief that each of us can make a difference; that the key to our success is the people who work here, who drive our commitment to serving customers with the most innovative solutions for their current and future needs.

In a company with a distinctive culture like De Vellis Servizi Globali S.r.l., people develop an intuition for understanding what needs to be done and how to do it. Written regulations, procedures, and strategies are important, but it is the staff's intuitive understanding of what needs to be done that makes the regulations, procedures, and strategies effective.

In a strong culture, goals and values are brought together. A strong culture ensures the effective implementation of a strategy and reduces the costs associated with complex organizations and overly documented procedures.

The staff of De Vellis Servizi Globali S.r.l. shares a clear and solid culture, expressed in a series of common goals and values. Communication creates commitment and understanding, which are constantly reinforced. We live this strategy.

We all have the responsibility to “put the customer first” and actively apply our code of conduct.

The company’s vision, priorities, and strategic initiatives are outlined in our “priority chart” no. 1, which everyone should keep with them or display on their desk or workplace. Having a common vision is not just “nice to have”: it is the only way to succeed.

Our common goals are rooted in shared values, which have evolved through the integration of people united by the need to give meaning to their working life. The foundation of our values is the code of conduct. The code of conduct is more than a list of rules and norms. It represents the company’s non-negotiable principles. It represents the terms of belonging to our organization.

Therefore, we have incorporated our corporate strategy into a truly effective code of conduct, which brings together our common goals within the shared values. Everything a De Vellis Servizi Globali S.r.l. employee does in their work is ultimately aimed at meeting and exceeding the customer’s needs within our code of conduct. Our progress and job security, both as a company and as individuals, depend on our ability in this regard.

But it’s not just about achieving our goals: how we achieve them is also important.

We are an organization built on trust.

First and foremost: we expect everyone to treat others honestly, with dignity and respect, to create good and lasting relationships, inside and outside the company. We believe in the value of each individual, regardless of position and status.

We demand a lot from each other, but the reward is great, and not just in economic terms. We believe that staff need an environment where they can express their ideas, develop and utilize their skills, and have the opportunity to achieve their maximum professional potential.

We are committed to creating a supportive work environment where everyone can achieve maximum personal and professional fulfillment and success commensurate with their abilities and motivations. We are committed to creating a workplace where safety and environmental excellence are a daily responsibility for every employee.

We balance the needs of individuals and families with those of the company. Commitment and dedication abound. We are people who are committed because success rewards those who are committed. We also place great value on balance in our lives and families.

We actively seek opportunities that allow our company and our staff to collaborate to create a lasting and significant impact on the communities in which we operate and in the world.

We expect every employee to uphold and promote high professional standards in performing their tasks and in their relationships with colleagues, suppliers, customers, shareholders, and other work groups or the community.

Within our organization, we select and provide leaders who inspire trust through their behavior and who serve as role models for the company’s core values.

We expect employees to think and act as if they were the company’s owners.

We expect each employee to share responsibility for their development. We strive to create an environment where employees can reach their maximum potential. But we realize that achieving that potential requires commitment from both the employees and De Vellis Servizi Globali S.r.l. Everyone must strive to give their best, to take responsibility, to be reliable.

At De Vellis Servizi Globali S.r.l., a job well done and the commitment to learn and adapt in response to the company’s needs are recognized and rewarded. Recognition and reward are based on the contribution made, not on the importance of the title, budget, or department.

At De Vellis Servizi Globali S.r.l., we believe in a flat hierarchy where promotion and recognition of a colleague do not depend on greater managerial responsibilities, which, unfortunately, in many other companies, are the only means for greater recognition and promotion, often burdening talented inventors, salespeople, and other skilled employees with too much bureaucracy.

To enable employees to enhance their skills, broaden their thinking, and make effective contributions to the company, we avoid restrictive bureaucracy. We like to “keep things simple” and rely on common sense, perseverance, and teamwork to get the job done. Teams leverage the talent of individual members.

De Vellis Servizi Globali S.r.l. has a tradition of consensus decision-making: a process of discussing ideas that improves their quality and facilitates implementation. We encourage creativity and open discussions: we freely share ideas and learn from our colleagues.

We strive to maintain a flat organization with wide spans of control and few management levels, to allow information to flow quickly and encourage initiative. Those who manage wide areas of control do not have time for second-guessing or micromanaging competent people. We make decisions as close as possible to the company’s front lines. The delicate balance between centralized and decentralized decision-making is openly and continuously discussed throughout the organization.

We create an organization that can quickly rise to new challenges and be the best at whatever we decide to do.

Differentiation is, and has always been, the foundation of our entire organization. We provide solutions through unique products and systems, marketing methods, production processes, and services. We demonstrate what makes our products unique through Branding and everything related to it: the quality and consistency of our solutions and the service and support we offer.

We focus on studying innovative solutions for customers’ problems. We do not just provide what the market demands: we create new applications that expand and change the market. We not only solve our customers' current problems (“today” in our world) but also concentrate our efforts on anticipating their future needs (“tomorrow” in our world).

We approach new opportunities with humility for what we do not know, rather than with pride for what we do know. We encourage new ideas and different ways of doing things, without fear of failure. We realize that we should be as content with successes as with failures, because we learn from both.

We consider ourselves entrepreneurs: people capable of doing new things with limited resources and minimal directives; people capable of doing more with less.

History shows that we can successfully navigate a changing economic landscape. We embrace change with dedication and enthusiasm and use it to our advantage. We can handle whatever comes our way and do so promptly.

The pride of being the best at what we do motivates our creativity and efforts. We carefully avoid arrogance. We cultivate learning, change, and renewal.

And I would like to add a final thought: the future is ours. I believe we will succeed if we move forward together as an organization, with a workforce made up of men and women, people of all races and nationalities, bound by a single culture based on trust and committed to the success of the company.

De Vellis Servizi Globali S.r.l.
Ennio De Vellis
Sole Director